It is my calling to guide others toward a healthier life.

It’s impossible to do good if you don’t feel good.

Take Ownership of Your Health

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“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” — Maya Angelou

I took my first yoga class nearly 10 years ago—uncoordinated, unaware, and unable to touch my toes.

Through practice, yoga transformed my body. The postures gave me a physical strength that translated to mental strength. Yoga has given me the tools to continually heal myself, in both body and mind. 

I knew that I needed to pass this gift on to others.

I received my 200 hour certification from Yoga Oasis in Tucson after being the recipient of the full Elizabeth Blue Scholarship. I owe everything to my teachers Darren Rhodes, Brigette Finely, Stephani Lindsey, NamasDave, Keelyn Riley, the great B.K.S. Iyengar and all of the countless others who have influenced my unique teaching style.


About Tatiana:

NuancedMedia_Headshots_Dec_2014_SJP-0228I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Health from the University of Arizona and write about translational bioscience research for the BIO5 Institute. I am a RYT-200 Hatha Yoga certified teacher, SUP instructor, eternal student, public health activist.

Meditation, dance, nature, travel, camping, furry friends, and good vegetarian cooking are a few other things that make my heart happy.

You can find me on any and all social media sites:

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