Why TatiYoga?

As a preface, one could read this article from the Himalayan Yoga Institute on modern yoga “styles”. If not, here’s an excerpt:

“The biggest misconception about (yoga styles) is the belief that any one style is authentic yoga. It is not.

Yoga styles are a rather modern invention and didn’t exist some 50 years ago.

In traditional yoga we only ever had lineages and schools of yoga, so a student or disciple would approach a teacher to learn from him/her and stick to that teacher for the rest of his/her life. It was a highly individualized approach in which a teacher would tailor the practices according to the student’s needs and abilities. Sometimes the teacher would refuse to accept a student and if the student was persistent s/he would have to undergo a series of tests before being accepted by the teacher. But those were different times. Those were the times when yoga styles didn’t exist.”

However today many people in America DO seek different “styles” of yoga. So, it was time to attempt to define my teaching “style”.

(Obviously my name is Tatiana, but I’m not so narcissistic that this is the only reason for calling my style tatiYoga!)

Tati is also a Sanskrit word. Sanskrit is the language used by ancient yogis.

तति tati f. ceremony

(Sanscrit Dictionary)

As with all words from dead languages, “tati” can be translated in multiple ways. This is the translation that I’ve chosen because it best fits what I aim to provide for my students through yoga class.

The word “yoga” also has many translations, however, this is one of my favorites:


योग yoga m. union


So, tatiYoga is movement aimed to create ceremonious union between the practitioner and his or herself.

“It is like a great musician becoming one with his instrument and the music that comes from it. Then the yogi stands in his own nature and realizes his self, and the parts of the soul within himself.” (Iyengar, 22)

Lineage is also important to me. I did my first 200-hour teacher training with Darren Rhodes at YogaOasis (Tucson, Ariz.) and the style that was taught was mainly hatha. But, it was heavily inspired by YogaHour. Learn more about YogaHour here. It was the first style of yoga that helped me become healthy and fit during my college years. YogaHour is the foundation of all my current teaching methods.

tatiYoga is always changing and evolving, but the fundamentals remain the same.

Breath work, body awareness practices, and exercises all infused with intention and intuition.


…So  that’s why I call it tatiYoga. Don’t hesitate to contact you have any questions or are interested in a consultation with Tatiana

(… And yea. Also, my childhood nickname was Tati. 🙂 )

Attempt at astavakrasana at YogaOasis, Tucson, Ariz.


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