Spring Reset

Recently, one of my good friends (Kellen Brandel ) began a 30-day detox. Or as he phrases it— “a 30-day journey of spiritual cleansing”. And it inspired me.

This reset is about replacing negative habits with positive practices for personal progression.

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 1.11.56 PM
Instagram: @theworld.is.a.book


It’s time for a mental, physical, and spiritual reset.

Meditating via Lovingkindness Guided Meditation by Tara Brach

The reset is simple. Every single day for the next 30 days I’ll focus on hitting these three marks:

  • Drink a gallon of water
  • Sweat
  • Eat something green

Additionally I am going to follow a somewhat edited version of the tenants of Kellen’s detox:IMG_7054.JPG

  •  wake up with the sun
  • begin each day with at least 5 minute meditation and a few sun salutations
  • cook at least one meal per day
  • abstain from drinking alcohol
  • spend zero dollars per day (except on food/beverage)
  • practice yoga every day for at least an hour
  •  walk outside
  • keep a gratitude journal

I’ll chronicle the struggles and successes that I come across along the way.

Anyone want to join?

Cherry Blossoms in Portland

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