Protected: Poetic Inspiration — 2018

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Spring Reset

Recently, one of my good friends (Kellen Brandel ) began a 30-day detox. Or as he phrases it— “a 30-day journey of spiritual cleansing”. And it inspired me. This reset is about replacing negative habits with positive practices for personal progression.   It’s time for a mental, physical, and spiritual reset. The reset is simple. Every single […]

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Adventure Yoga with AirBnb

Want to take an adventure? Need a release? You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a distant retreat. Take a few hours for yourself, in your own beautiful backyard— Nature is therapy. It’s time to take advantage of why we came to the Pacific Northwest. Let’s get back to our roots. Unplug, reconnect. Join Tatiana […]

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It’s 2017

  It’s time to take ownership of your health. Guidance can be the defining factor. Please connect with me if you haven’t already: Instagram Facebook Twitter LinkedIn  

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Why TatiYoga? As a preface, one could read this article from the Himalayan Yoga Institute on modern yoga “styles”. If not, here’s an excerpt: “The biggest misconception about (yoga styles) is the belief that any one style is authentic yoga. It is not. Yoga styles are a rather modern invention and didn’t exist some 50 years ago. […]

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Halfway to Nirvana

I officially  began my “experiment” three months ago (though my yoga journey began long before that). In May I began really trying to incorporate ancient yogic principles to my modern, millennial lifestyle. I’ll tell you—it’s been one wild, eye-opening journey. It’s funny how much happens in three months. It may seem like a short amount of time (and […]

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